Mirabelle Designs has been featured at the Greentree Festival in Kirkwood, Missouri in craft booths for the past 5 years. Mirabelle Designs will have another booth there this fall in 2007.


Interested in a home show? Just call 314-503-1559, and ask for Tracy. Details will be arranged via telephone contact. The host/hostess is entitled to potentially earn free merchandise from Mirabelle Designs. PLEASE CALL FOR MORE DETAILS. The shows book up quickly so book yours today!

Simple Tips To Care For Your Jewelry

It is best to keep your jewelry in an air-tight container in order to help slow the tarnishing of sterling silver and to keep gold sparkling. Store your jewelry either by laying down flat or hanging each piece separately to avoid kinks and knots. To clean your jewelry, simply run a soft cloth over the stones to remove any oils - a dry polishing cloth will do the trick for the clasp. For those hard to reach spaces, put a tiny bit of liquid soap on a soft toothbrush and a gentle scrub over the area to bring the shine back. Handmade jewelry can be delicate, so it is important to take extra special care of it.